Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Euro 2012 Group A Predictions: Food for Thought

Greece is the word
Greek food is better than Polish and Russian food--no idea what Czechs are known for in culinary circles. Is there a better place than Greektown in Chicago? What's this got to do with football. Not a damned thing, but this group is so potentially boring that I'd rather rate them on food than football.

I hate beets, so that just puts the Russians in the dumper. Again, Czech cuisine? Aside from C-style alliteration, and some really old footballers, the Czechs are done before it starts in my book.

Greece--eh, I just can't forgive 2004. But the Greeks have guts and a puncher's chance in this group. They breezed through a breezy qualifying group and are 3 wins, 3 draws and 1 loss in friendlies leading up to the tournament--again against lackluster opposition. Snore. But the food! Greek lasagna Pastitsio is superb and lamb rules in all forms (save the mint, just gross). Greece is through.

So is Poland. Score one for home cooking for real here. Poland are hosts and that's a good thing. Had a Polish girlfriend way back when (no, she wasn't dumb) and pierogis, kielbasa and plackis rule man.

  1. Poland
  2. Greece
  3. Russia
  4. Czech Republic
Poland and Greece through to the quarterfinals. 

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