Friday, June 25, 2010

World Cup 2010 Group Stage: How did we do?

So now that we're two games shy of the end of the group stage of World Cup 2010, let's check out how our previews and predictions have gone so far.

Group A: I got the two teams who moved ahead correct in this group: Mexico and Uruguay, but I had Mexico winning the group. Close, but no cigar. (Fine Uruguay lady, right) At least France is going home and I got that one right too.

Group B: Got Argentina right here, the two-time champs won the group as I predicted. But I had Nigeria and it's South Korea moving on.

Group C: Had the England and the U.S. here in that order; right teams wrong order as it turned out. I'll take it, no sweat. Landon Donovan can do no wrong.

Group D: I blew this one royally, just like Group B. I got the winner correct in Germany, but Ghana made it too by the skin of its teeth over Australia.

Group E: I figured this group for a three-way logjam at the top with a lot of tiebreakers coming into play. Nope. Netherlands went 3 for 3 and Japan pound Denmark for second place. I had Holland and Cameroon. Oh well.

Group F: Perhaps the most shocking result of the first round, Italy's ouster. The defending champs gone and of course, they messed up my predictions. Paraguay wins the group, as I figured. Slovakia is in also. I had Paraguay and Italy.

Group G: Nailed this one, almost to the point. Brazil finishes with 7, Portugal with 5. I had Portugal with 6. Oh well. The Group of Death is as expected for me.

Group H: Still to come this afternoon, but I had Spain and Chile. Switzerland a close third. Still could go that way.

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